Young and Wild


Young and wild, a girl in a woman’s body. Trying to prove something or soothe something or smooth over the empty place where that something she lost used to live.

Young and wild. Fools rush in, I won’t do it again. I had to be trying prove something. Surely, I was trying to soothe something. Now I’m trying to pretend like there’s no hole in the place in me where she used to live.

Young and Wild. I crushed the Mrs. when I said, “I’m no longer in love”. After convincing myself that Young was real when all the while young and wild was all she was…a chocolate train to nowhere.

Young and Wild It’s so sad, from what I had to this…using each other for empty moments of artificial bliss trying to cover some wound or to clean some room in a house that’s dilapidated.

Young and Wild A parade of misdirection Looking for connection but got a major life lesson instead. having made a wrong turn just to learn that left is not the way to go when you already know what love is.



Day Flower

imageYou are my Day-Flower, the assurance of a sun in heaven. The prescient mingling of your petal with my ray make my heart sing an old ancient melody.

Day-Flower rising…

Rising up into the sky of my heart shining with the summons of Life in your hands. Reaching, reaching toward the riches of your own blossoming in and through my soul.

I am merely another space that you fill as nothing can contain you. Your beautiful far reaching rays join one particle to the next and embrace everything!

You kiss my lips and the enchantments of Eden are the taste and love is the breath you breathe into me. You, you are the Flower of the Unending Day always unfolding.

Herein is My Beloved


Herein is my Beloved. Faithful is Her Name, Faithful, calling me, Eternally.  Unchanging Love is Her Name. And I am Known by her alone,  Everywhere.

Meek and Steady, She Stands Like a Great Rock That never Sleeps  nor faints from fatigue. Nor withers With the passing of the ages.

In Her my soul Is a priceless acquisition and willingly as a bondman I am sold.

Unequivocally and without condition, my being entirely, finds in her its sure and perfect repose.

Through all the noise of the streets and the banter of violent creatures she never loses me and never is she lost.

Though years,  even eons may pass without my proper notice, she never loses me.  But I, I find myself in her only.

So Secure is she that she cannot be dishonored by the body’s debauchery.  She loses nothing.  But in her perfect compassion she conspires my gain.

Fairer is she than all the objects of my mortal idolatry.

Fairer is she than the obsessions of my loins.

Purer is she than Mary and ten thousand virgins

More enduring is she than the sun  as she is its perfect freedom and as such she is perfectly free.

Herein is my Beloved.  Her Name is Faithful.  Faithful, calling me eternally.  Unchanging Love is Her Name and I am known by Her alone….

E v  e   r   y   w  h  e  r  e.




Lovely Innuendo

Written into space and time

Soothing the souls  of seers.

Compelling Mystery

Casting your Self into molds of clay

celebrating every day

your own arrival.


Take Me Up


Take  me up, oh Lord,

Take me up in your Holy Whisper

All day long and forgive me,

Forgive me continually.

Assume control and keep me.

Keep me and make me whole.

Touch my tongue

That the Light of Your Word be upon me.

Let me grow ever more content

In the fulfillment of Your purposes.

May I ever be the man You will me to be.

You are my desire

You are my fulfillment

You are the increase of my days.



These Two


I’ve studied a lot of things over the last 25 years or so. I’ve belonged to a few esoteric organizations, participated in transformational workshops, men’s retreats, meditation retreats, and 12 step meetings.

I’ve sat with therapeutic professionals for endless hours. I’ve read and memorized many pages of Classic American literature, poets, philosophers and scholars.

I’ve prayed, worshiped, cried, meditated, and Ive begged and pleaded with God.

I’ve lived through and overcome many trials and tribulations and I have a lot of victories in my life.

And after all of this, what I know for sure is that there are two simple things, often discounted and ignored, that move and transform our inner and outer landscapes quicker than any other things.

They are Forgiveness and Gratitude.

A New Tenderness


Bring to nil these fences and let loose the old linen

from ’round this mummified heart.

Break free from caverns this stagnated blood,

Bound too long.

Let it run, willingly, for life and for love

to an ever-expanding freedom.

I surrender…

I surrender to the bare nakedness of this tenderness,

strange and unfamiliar.

Set out in the open, my only jewel,

in a land where the wiles and whims of thieves and bandits run.

Renovate these chamber walls, refresh the throne and welcome home

that Light Uncreated, to burn, burn in me for Life and for Love. eternally.